About Home Visit Network

The founders of the Home Visit Network have worked in aged care for over 20 years and we have noticed a gradual move to more mobile businesses. These cater to the population that cannot leave their home and we believe that professional services and care should be accessible and convenient.

Technology and an ageing population is the reason more businesses are able to sustain a business that allows clients to be seen in their home. There is computer software, mobile apps and portable hardware that didn’t exist a decade ago. These allow a therapist to conduct their business on the road without any issues.

We believe that the mobile therapy industry will grow substantially over the coming years and we want to play a small part in its growth. The Home Visit Network is designed to make it easy to search for a therapist in your local area. From our experience, often when someone requires one type of mobile therapy they will often need another very soon after. This website makes the process of finding that next mobile therapist very simple.

We have also designed the site to favour smaller, independent, local businesses. Larger national companies will not appear on our site. In our experience the smaller independent businesses tend to offer a better, more personable service. Staff retention is also better so you are likely to see the same therapist at the next appointment.

There are plenty of services we will look to list on the site. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on the Home Visit Network then please get in touch. Should you prefer a Telehealth appointment then please visit our sister website Telehealth Services.