Home Visit Network


We have a dedicated team of physiotherapists who provide home-based physiotherapy service in the St George area and beyond, especially for those with longer-term requirements.

Many chronic health problems, acute injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation and stroke rehabilitation clients are managed more effectively when treated in the comfort of their own home. Practical problems affecting everyday living in your home can be addressed with exercises and rehabilitation specifically tailored to your home environment.

Physiotherapy at home also enables other members of your family or carers to be involved in the development of management plans and helps gain a better understanding of the condition and how to help.

Our home visit service extends to visits to Aged Care facilities either during periods of respite or for longer-term care. We believe that early intervention is essential to reduce the effects of ageing and is key to better outcomes for our clients.

Our experienced physiotherapists will complete a comprehensive initial assessment and develop a rehabilitation plan to help each client achieve their goals to be safer, stronger, more mobile or more confident to remain at home as independently as possible. We provide regular updates to family, carers and the healthcare team to ensure the best possible treatment.