Optimum Intake Dietitians

Optimum Intake Dietitian’s started out in 2007 on the NSW Central Coast providing nutrition services to people in their homes as a convenient way for our clients to learn about what foods to eat, how to plan for meals and food shopping and emphasise the practical side of eating well. We have since grown to be a team of dietitian’s who offer both in home and nutrition clinics across the Central Coast and Newcastle areas. We offer services to the young and old, from babies who are starting solids to the elderly who want to improve their strength and remain independent and everyone in between. Each of our Dietitians have a variety of experiences with a range of nutritional conditions. We enjoy sharing our knowledge, nutritional strategies and cooking tips with all our clients.
Nutrition consultations with an Optimum Intake Dietitian can help establish positive eating habits and build a healthy and positive relationship towards foods. Being healthy is more than just the foods we eat, it also relies on a healthy attitude towards nutrition. An attitude that is balanced, not labelled by ‘good or bad’ or things we ‘should or shouldn’t’ eat. We explore the role of food in everyday life, looking at eating behaviours and habits that have both positive or negative impacts on health. You will be able to enjoy a variety of foods including your favourite indulgences, while achieving a healthy balance that will optimise your health and lifestyle goals.
Your nutritional management is delivered to you with personal and attentive care. For this reason you will be recommended to attend follow-up consultations at a frequency determined by both you and your dietitian. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services – please contact us via phone or email.