Home Visit Dental Care Australia

Home Visit Dental Care help treat a wide range of conditions effecting the teeth and mouth. These may include relief of pain, emergency dental treatment and broken or painful teeth. Including bleeding and sore gums, extraction, sedation, removal of teeth and roots, filling, dentures and assessments.

Our home visit dental services are readily available in every major Australian city, covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin & Canberra.

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Why choose a dental home visit?

Clients have many reasons for choosing a dentist or dental prosthetist to come to them for an in-home visit, rather than travelling to a clinic. Home visit dental services will be able to provide the same services as one would receive by travelling to an external clinic.

Home visits cut down on waiting and travelling times for clients. Therefore a home visit is usually more convenient for a client that is time poor. It also provides an opportunity for the therapist to better understand the home environment of the client which, in turn, helps the overall therapy process.

Other patients who may choose to have a dental visit in their home include those who are advanced in age, or have mobility issues. Increasingly these patients are maintaining their independence by being able to stay in their homes longer by utilising mobile dental home care.

What ever the reason may be, Home Visit Network will make the process of finding local independent dental services that will come to your home quick and easy for a home visit.

What does a home visit from a dentist or dental prosthetist entail?

A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon, is a surgeon who specializes in dentistry, the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. The dentist's supporting team aids in providing oral health services.

Dental hygienists undertake oral assessment and review your dental history and overall health, in order to evaluate the condition of your gums, teeth and mouth to help prevent oral diseases. They are able to make decisions and devise a treatment plan for the patient within their scope of practice.

A dental prosthetists are craftspersons and manufacture the dentures. Should you have any issues with your dentures then a home visiting dental prosthetists should be contacted in order to assist.

What Dental treatments are usually covered?

The following is a list of services that may be provided by a home visiting dentist or dental hygienist. Having broken and painful teeth they may be able to help eating and improve comfort by reducing and eliminating pain. The pain can come from sore teeth and gums. They can assess and fix these issues on site. Inflamed gums can cause significant pain and discomfort all day. They may be able to assess and fix these issues also..

Mobile dentist and dental hygienists can also handle a range of teeth extractions on site and should you need it they can help by prescribing a tablet to take before treatment to help relax you and make you drowsy. Broken tops off teeth with root stumps remaining, these may be able to be taken out on site.

The home visiting dental services will also be able to drill and fill on site under local anaesthetic for any tooth filling needs. They can also help by doing all things denture related on site.

It is important that you confirm with your dental therapist which treatments they provide.

Looking for other types of home visit therapists? The Home Visit Network also offers home visit podiatry, home visit physiotherapy, home visit occupational therapy, home visit speech therapy and home visit exercise physiology. See our providers here.