Home Visit Placement Specialist

Home Visit Placement Specialist specialise in finding appropriate aged care accommodation by acting as an intermediary between the care recipient and the residential aged care facility under consideration. As part their highly specialised services they may assist clients in finding an appropriate residential aged care facility in their preferred location, assist in the completion of all documentation, understanding the fee structures of an aged care provider and arranging facility visits in conjunction with care staff amongst other services.

Our mobile placement specialists services are readily available in a range of major Australian cities, covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Canberra.

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Why choose a placement specialist home visit?

Clients have many reasons for choosing a placement specialist to come to them for an in-home visit as they can provide the same services as one would receive by travelling to their office.

Placement specialists home visits cut down on waiting and travelling times for clients, so a in-home visit from a placement specialist is usually more convenient for a client that is time poor or unable to travel due to a loss of independence. It also provides an opportunity for the placement specialist to meet with the client one on one to better understand what type of care options they may need.

The placement specialist will be able to provide the client with a large amount of information with regard to what care options are available to them, helping to assist them in understanding residential aged care and guiding them every step of the way through the application process.

What ever the reason may be, Home Visit Network will make the process of finding a local independent placement specialist that will come to your home quick and easy.

What does a home visit from a placement specialist entail?

Placement specialists offer an important service to our senior community, including a range of independent advice and guidance to seniors and their families when seeking admission into a residential aged care facility or in-home care.

A visit with clients in the comfort and privacy of their own home and at a time convenient to them to discuss their current living arrangements and to help them plan for their retirement living future by identifying what’s important to them. Family members are also encouraged to attend where possible.

What services are usually offered by a Placement specialist?

Services that are usually provided by a placement specialist include ;

  • Client consultation in the comfort and privacy of their own home and at a time convenient to them
  • Awareness of current care options
  • Understanding residential aged care
  • Assist with all steps of the application for care process
  • Informing a client immediately when and where vacancies become available
  • Advocating on a client’s behalf at their preferred aged care home
  • Providing post placement assistance during the settling in period and throughout the resident’s time in care.
  • Researching potential aged care facilities within a client’s preferred location
  • Accompany clients and their families where applicable, on inspection tour of facilities in conjunction with care facility staff
  • The formal introduction of a client to an aged care facility
  • Negotiating Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) with care provider (As applicable)

It is important that you confirm with your placement specialist which services they provide before any home visit.

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